Get clarity on your inventory, anywhere in the world

Secure Data Kit's lightweight, app-based inventory management allows you to collect inventory data anywhere in the world and make it accessible to anyone through the cloud. You can check in, check out, and reconcile inventory on any device including iOS, Android, and the web. SDK's inventory management solution is designed to be easy-to-use, reliable in low and no connectivity environments, and requires minimal setup.

SDK is trusted by leading impact organizations, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, Merck, and GSK.

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SDK is flexible

It works anywhere and supports any number of locations, languages, and product lines.

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SDK works on any device

You don't need expensive equipment or installation. SDK can even collect data from feature phones via SMS.

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SDK can be implemented in days, not weeks or months

Get help from our friendly team to setup your locations and products, download the SDK app on any phone or device, and you are ready to go!

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SDK fits your organization

Your data isn't locked away on a computer or in a proprietary platform. Access your inventory data anywhere.

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SDK works in the most difficult environments

SDK's is designed to collecting data in the most remote places of the world. It works no matter the conditions or connectivity.

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Backed by the friendly SDK team

Our clients love us because we make collecting and using data easy. If you need anything, talk to a member of the SDK team anytime.

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Unveil your data to your entire organization

SDK allows you to easily share your inventory data with all of your stakeholders. Management and donors can get a global view of inventory while local personnel can view data relevant to their job. You can map your data by country or sub-country like the map below, build rich reports with SDK's built-in reporting engine, or export your data via CSV or API.

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SDK Inventory Management is the simplest inventory management solution in the market

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