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See what our team is working on right now, and what we'll work on in the months to come.

You are working hard all over the world to leverage data for good, and you're trusting Secure Data Kit with all collection, storage and sharing needs. To show our appreciation for and commitment to your mission, we're constantly working to improve Secure Data Kit to serve you better. Our roadmap gives you a peek behind the curtain, unveiling the features our team is focusing on now and planning to work on over the next 12 months.

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Friendly Support

A friendly human to help you at each step in the process.

With Secure Data Kit, you’ll always have access to our friendly, tech-savvy team. We’re happy to help you each step of the way - from setup to implementation. We provide a dedicated product manager, consultation on best practices for data collection and global health, the option to have us author your forms, and our technical team standing by to support you. We also have experience and resources to help you while in the field.

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Cross Platform Data Collection

Collect data anywhere in the world on the device that you like.

Our iPhone and Android apps make it easy to collect data on any mobile device. SDK also supports data collection from any browser with our web forms. If that isn't enougn, we still have you covered. You can collect data by SMS or other information systems. We’re happy to work with you on customized data collection solutions to meet your specific collection needs.

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Flexible User Roles

Secure data that your whole team can access.

Secure Data Kit makes it easy to securely collect data with teams. Our user roles make it easy to ensure only the right people can access and edit your data. You’ll be able to decide who can collect, view, edit, and access your data as well as who receives your final reports. Beyond user roles, you can monitor who is accessing your data by viewing your access logs.

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Robust Reporting

Do virtually anything with your data.

Quickly view and share your data with our reporting feature. Get started with SDK's canned reports, like statistical summary report and outlier report. Then work with us or build your own reports with the statistical computing language R. You are free to upload your own script or work with Secure Data Kit to create a report as simple or as powerful as needed.

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Machine Learning

Let your data answer your most important questions.

The SDK team can help you understand which machine learning approaches are appropriate for your data. Once an ML opportunity is identified, SDK allows you to automate data processing and leverage leading open source modeling tools.

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API Supported

Your data can flow in and out of SDK according to your needs.

Want to create a custom integration with your data? Connect with our API to push and pull the data you want and view tailor-made data sets that meet your specific needs. With SDK, you can connect with proprietary databases or leading data analysis software like Tableau, SPSS, or SAS.

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Secure Data Management

Reliable data storage based on industry best practices.

Have the peace of mind of knowing your data is secure with SDK. We follow industry best practices and offer advanced security options, like HIPAA. Plus, all your data is backed up so you know you’ll always be able to access it no matter what.

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Best Practices

Built in best practices.

SDK was built with best practices in mind. After years of experience collecting, managing, and sharing data, the team behind SDK crafted a solution that leverages leading tools and processes. Need consultation on the best ways to meet your data collection goals? Secure Data Kit is happy to offer friendly service and one on one consultation backed by our years of creative tools and solutions for healthcare organizations, just like yours.

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Advanced Features

Public health tools to make your life easier.

SDK has a handful of advanced tools that make public health organizations leverage their data better. Whether embedding R reports into your website or segmenting data with Geoconnect boundaries, SDK and the team behind it know how to help you make better use of your data.

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