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The world is changing before our eyes. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us the importance of quality data visualized in an easy-to-understand, compelling way. Let’s come together and use data to transform lives.

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Secure Data Kit is a health data management tool for modern data collection and analysis.

We support data collection and decision making at leading impact organizations.

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Read how Secure Data Kit provides Health Data Management in more than Fifty Countries

Collect. View. Share.

No matter where you are in the world, you can easily access SDK’s cloud based and intuitive software to view, collect, share, and analyze data with any device you use online. Plus, you can consider us your outsourced technology team - we’ll be there to host, manage, and hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Hi, my name is Emily. I and the rest of the Secure Data Kit team are here to support your health data project. How can we help you?
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Experience modern health data management with these core features

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Friendly Support

A friendly human to help you at each step in the process.

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Cross Platform Data Collection

Collect data anywhere in the world on the device that you like.

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Flexible User Roles

Secure data that your whole team can access.

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Robust Reporting

Do virtually anything with your data.

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Machine Learning

Let your data answer your most important questions.

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API Supported

Your data can flows in and out of SDK according to your needs.

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Secure Data Management

A friendly human to help you at each step in the process.

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Best Practices

Built in best practices.

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Advanced Features

Public health tools to make your life easier.

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Proven Data Innovation

In a study published by the PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases journal, SDK's product, LINKS System, was deployed to more than 20 countries for use in health data collection projects. At the completion of each project, data collectors and project managers assessed the application’s usability and benefits. Read the study results and view how the SDK system reduced cost and increased collection speed resulting in flexibility for project managers and better overall data quality for global health programs.

Read the Study

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