Embedded R a SDK solution

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R output on your website. Without the work.

The Embedded R service allows you to remotely execute R or R markdown scripts and embed the results in your app or website. This allows you do things like:

  • Execute an R script that processes data uploaded in CSV or Excel format
  • Pull data from a remote database and process an R script against it

We also support R markdown -- this is the ability to run an R script and output HTML that can be rendered in the browser. This allows you to do things like:

  • Process data and output graphs
  • Output HTML, PDF, or Word docs

Why not Shinyapps?

Shiny is a great example of taking an R script that runs on your desktop and then sharing it with the world. However, what if you want to control the user experience (sign up required!). Or what if you want to make the R script more interactive? The embedded R platform allows you to have total control over how it works.

How does it work?

The embedded R platform is running on a specially designed webserver that has the R interpreter and common packages already installed. We take the pain of running the service and make it available to you.


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