"Secure Data Kit just works. With it, we can simply collect and use data to make better, faster decisions." - SDK User

Secure Data Kit provides modern data collection tools to public health schools and their students for Free. Width SDK, you can easily collect, view and share data. It works anywhere in the world, whether you are collecting data with a lighting fast internet in Georgia or a once-per-day connection in Malawi.

The SDK Education tool contains the following core features:

  • Free SDK Android app for in field data collection
  • Secure storage that you can access anywhere
  • Real time reports with R support
  • User roles and data access logs

The education liscense to Secure Data Kit allows you to collect unlimited data in two (2) datasets and invite two (2) users per project to collaborate with.

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Partnering with Educators

The team behind Secure Data Kit is passionate about educating the future leaders of Global Health. We'd like to offer our tool to your students as a way to jump start their career.

The education license includes a free Education Session, hosted by the Secure Data Kit team at your University. During our time together, we will share how we approach the world of Global Health with data and technology. Modest travel costs may be applicable.

To learn more more, please contact us.

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