Track COVID-19 with Standard Data

Data Collection

Standard Data is used in over 60 countries to collect data in a variety of challenging settings. Collect data from the field with our mobile apps that work entirely offline, connect directly to other systems to pull data from a variety of sources, or upload pre-existing data from a CSV so it can be managed from a single secure location. We specialize in getting data from hard-to-reach places, because when we have that data we believe you'll leverage it to transform lives. Standard Data is ready to go with templates to contribute to the efforts of your COVID-19 response teams.

Cumulative Cases

Track cumulative confirmed COVID-19 cases in your community so your organization can have a real-time understanding of how efforts to flatten the curve are working.

Suggested fields: Number Hospitalized

New Cases by Day

Understand how the virus is spreading through your community by measuring new cases by day with Standard Data.

Suggested fields: Number Hospitalized

Mortality Demographics

Standard Data can help you identify the impact COVID-19 is having on vulnerable populations by tracking mortality by demographic.

Suggested fields: Gender, Age, Location (County / Village)

Case Management

Standard Data's flexible platform allows organizations to structure their project specifically to meet their goals to dampen the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. Standard Data leverages custom data input forms, real-time dashboards and automated alerts to build a case management platform unique to your organization's needs.

Suggested fields: Checkin date, Checkout date, Daily status, ICU Use, Ventilator Use


Standard Data's team of data experts have experience building forecasts for some of the largest global health organizations in the world. In the midst of this pandemic, forecasting where we're going has become more important than ever.

Number of Potential Cases

Understand how your case numbers will grow over time, based on previously reported data in your community and others in neighboring populations.

When Will We Reach Hospital Bed Capacity?

Plan for a surge in hospital admissions and leverage data to inform when you may reach capacity based on how many beds, ICU beds and ventilators are available.


The Standard Data team has spent the last 5 years building and delivering data systems to over 60 countries around the world. We understand data. We also understand that the average person better understands data delivered in a clear, visual manner. Our dashboards can help you accomplish that.

Our COVID-19 dashboards are designed to do a few things:

1. Communicate where the virus is happening. We have detailed maps of every country in the world down to sub district level. We can help your citizens understand how close to home the disease is to them.

2. How fast is the virus growing? Our charting libraries are capable of showing not only where it's happening but how quickly (or slowly) it is happening.

3. What are the demographics? Understanding who is most at risk is critical. We provide enhanced demographic dashboards that show the age, sex, and other key indicators of who is falling ill to COVID-19.

Use Standard Data to Track Your COVID-19 Response Efforts

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COVID Mapping Project

Our platform is used in over 60 countries by CDC, WHO, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others to help better understand the distribution of disease and how data can ultimately be used to transform lives. The Coronavirus Maps Project is leveraging the exact same tools that are used around the world to map, track, and better educate the public on the status of the disease.

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