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One of the most powerful tools global healthcare organizations and non-profits can use to transform lives is data. It's what helps them tell the true story of progress. Before using SDK:Analyze, a non-profit in Rwanda relied on spreadsheets to store and analyze data. This was a fine way to do point-in-time analysis, but at the end of the day those spreadsheets failed to paint the true picture of where they were, where they are and most importantly where they were going. They uploaded their existing spreadsheets in SDK:Analyze, and were immediately able to configure reports to bring their data to life. No longer were they just crunching numbers, they were seeing the real impact that their organization was making on people, through captivating visuals backed by real evidence.

Let your data tell the true story of progress

If your data is trapped in a spreadsheet, SDK:Analyze can set it free and turn it into an actionable, compelling story. Our team of data experts provides custom data management and analysis services to help bring your organization's incredible progress to life.

Reporting & Integrations
SDK:Analyze unlocks access to real-time reporting features, allowing you to configure real-time dashboards and automate r and sql reports. SDK:Analyze's integration tools, webhooks and APIs allow you to customize your data workflow to fit your organization's needs.
$500/month per project

Data Management & Analysis Services
Our team of data experts provides custom data management, analysis and visualization services to help you uncover the story your data is trying to tell.
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