New Records View Option + Server Updates + Bug Fixes

New Records View Options

We're excited to share that we've taken a step to make your data easier to understand. Secure Data Kit has by default displayed your data exactly as it appears in the underlying database, but sometimes this is difficult to translate as the variables aren't always in a human-readable format. Now we're allowing you to choose exactly how you want to view your data.

To set your preference, click on any dataset. You're now looking at your records! Above your records are a few buttons: Import New Records, Export Dataset, Show/Hide Columns icon and our new setting — which if you haven't changed it yet says 'Variable.'

When 'Variable' is showing, the records on this page will be displayed as variables. This is exactly how the data are stored in the underlying database. If you'd like to view this instead as the Label (or the way it's displayed on the form itself — the human-readable version of the data), click on 'Variable' and select 'Label' instead.

This setting will save to your user profile, and each time you open a records page you will be viewing it in the way you prefer. You can always switch back at any time if you desire!

In a future update we will be making further improvements to this new records view option.

  • Right now forms can be displayed in multiple languages. The 'Label' setting at this time only shows the default language. In a future release, you will be able to choose the language you'd like to see.

  • Right now when you Export Dataset, the data will be exported as Variables. In a future release, the data will be exported to match your preference. If viewing the Labels is your preference, the records will be exported to match.

Server Updates

We've also made an update that you can't see with your eyes (not yet, anyways!). These server updates are paving the way for an upcoming release of our Secure Data Kit iPhone and Android apps (which you'll definitely be able to see with your eyes). These server updates have allowed us to begin field-testing the mobile apps with our customers in real-life scenarios. If all goes well, we'll be releasing this updated mobile app to the general public in November. More information about the mobile app update coming soon!

Other Stuff

We've also resolved a bug where the web form failed in some cases when the user encountered a select multiple question. The good news is we identified this issue internally before it impacted any customers.
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