Defining Indicators - Ahead of Time!

We've seen a lot of (really smart) folks who have collected a lot of (really great) data, but once their survey wraps up, they're left with too much information that's not organized in the best way — making analysis quite difficult.

This is where we've been stepping in lately to say 'Slow ya roll' and let's chat about what you're looking to gain from your survey results *before* you even start designing it.

This proactive approach allows us to talk with our clients about what they're ultimately looking to track and work backwards from there to figure out: what questions should we ask & how should we ask them in order to gain the most insight?

The framework for doing this successfully is below:
  1. Determine your top 5 indicators - for example, a nonprofit using SDK to track their fellowship results identified that the most important things to report on are:

    • # of participants who see an increase in income

    • # of participants who see an increase in savings

    • increase in # of participants with a written business plan

    • increase in # of children enrolled in school

    • increased confidence in decision-making for participants

  2. Design your survey specifically with those indicators in mind. In the above example, we were able to work from those indicators to ask pointed questions in a way that clearly delivers the data needed — i.e. we set their project up to collect income at the beginning of the fellowship + again at the end to indicate how many participants saw an increase, simple!

  3. Now for the fun part — because you've customized your survey to highlight the key indicators you're interested in, creating a dashboard to visualize this success in real-time is super easy! Often times, project leaders have to wait until the completion of a survey to mine through complex data, clean it up, then package it in a way that's shareable. But following the SDK approach, you're able to share your results with stakeholders, board members, donors, etc. NOW.

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