Atlanta Startup Awards Winner: Best Impact Company

Last week the Atlanta Startup Awards happened. And we actually won something — the Impact award. Which is super cool because there are a lot of different startup awards out there — fastest growing, best culture, best looking team (not actually an award but If it was we’d definitely win).

The impact award is especially meaningful to us because we have a singular goal:

Transform lives with data

We live in a really special (and weird) time. The combination of data and innovation means we can do so much good in the world. We’re able to understand where sickness and poverty happen with far more granularity and specificity than ever before. We can optimize supply chains ensuring millions of children are treated for diseases that many of us have never heard of. And we can do it with the speed that bigger, larger enterprises can only dream about (small and nimble for the win!)

We'll be spending the first half of 2020 launching new product and features that will continue to move us towards the goal of transforming lives with data. Follow along!
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