View Report Queries / Scripts & Protection from Deleting Records

Secure Data Kit's robust Analytics section has allowed our clients to create their own custom reports by writing SQL queries and uploading R scripts, but it hasn't always made it easy to update those reports because after the query or script was uploaded, you can't see it ever again! Which was silly, we know...

In this update we've made it possible for you to view and edit the SQL queries associated with your report, and even download the R scripts. This will make updating reports so much easier!

So, how does this work? To see the query or script associated with your report, click on the settings icon of the report's card.

If the report was created with an R script, you'll see a link that when clicked will download the script itself to your computer. If it's a SQL query, you'll see the query and can even modify it from this screen!

In addition to this new report feature, we've also added an additional level of protection when you delete a record to make sure that you're absolutely sure you want to delete it! Just click 'Delete' next to the record you want to delete, and a box pops up that asks you to type 'delete me' before actually going through with removing the record. If you still delete a record on accident, not to worry — just click 'Support' in the bottom right corner and gives us some details about what you deleted (what project, what survey, etc), and we can recover the record for you.

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