LINKS System is now a part of SDK

Standard Code's product Secure Data Kit adopted LINKS System this week. Standard Code has worked closely with the NTD Support Center in the development of LINKS System and is excited about having more control over its development to better meet the needs of the Global Health community. You can read more about the announcement below.

The NTD Support Center (NTD-SC) at The Task Force for Global Health built the LINKS System tool to foster better public health outcomes through improved electronic data collection. Since its creation, LINKS System has supported many of the world’s most impactful public health organizations and research institutions.

  • LINKS System has collected data in 59 countries

  • LINKS System has supported more than 200+ projects

Last year, NTD-SC partnered with the team at Secure Data Kit to provide additional capabilities to the LINKS System tool. With these updates, you can now:

  • View any collected geodata on a map

  • Make the right data available to anyone with user and role management

  • Get key information to your inbox with built-in R reporting and automated emails

Today, we are excited to announce that LINKS System is transitioning from the NTD-SC to Secure Data Kit. This transition means that the tool will have more resources to further its original goal of fostering better public health outcomes through improved data collection. We care about this mission. You can expect many new features that will make data collection simpler and more effective, including:

  • New, simpler Android and iPhone apps

  • More robust data analysis tools

  • SMS data collection support

What does this mean for you? A better tool with the same pricing and support. We promise to meet or exceed the same level of assistance you received from the NTD Support Center. Call 1-888-221-7462 for 24-hour support.

If you have any questions, or want to begin collecting data today, call 1-888-221-746 or email . If you’re an existing LINKS System  user and have support needs, call 1-888-221-7462 or email


Did you know the team that built LINKS System is setting up an office in Nairobi? Read more .

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