Download All Datasets, Web Form Improvements and More!

Downloading Datasets

Secure Data Kit has always allowed you to download your datasets, but for larger projects with lots of datasets it was kind of cumbersome if you wanted to download them all. If you had a project with 10 datasets, you would have to click that mouse 20 times to request to download everything you need! And then you'd have to open up 10 emails, and click again to actually get the files to download on your computer. That's a lot of clicks. We heard from you that it was becoming painful, and our job at Secure Data Kit is to make your lives easier. That's why we've added a 'Download All Datasets' button in each project. If you have download permissions on the project, you'll see the button in the Datasets section. Click that to request the download, and in just a few seconds you'll get an email that has a zip file containing all the datasets in the project. Voila, we've simplified the process from lots and lots of clicks to just one.

Web Form Improvements

We've also made some tweaks which allow you to leverage web forms in more cases. Many of the forms you're building in SDK get pretty complex, which is really great — that's exactly why we built SDK — but sometimes the more complex forms only worked on our mobile apps and didn't work so well on the web. Some forms leverage something called relevancies, which is when one question is only relevant if a previous question has been answered a specific way. In the example below, the second question only appears if 'Other' is selected in the first question.

Previously, this didn't work in web forms when the first question was a 'select multiple' question (like it is in our example). But guess what... now it does!

While we were at it, we also fixed another thing in web forms. Some forms have a 'meta' type called 'email' which collects the email of the person submitting the form if they're logged into SDK when they complete the form. The person wouldn't have to type their email in manually, SDK just picked it up based on their log in information. This has always worked really well, until you make the form public and people who aren't logged in started submitting data. Because they weren't logged in, SDK didn't know how to find their email so the form would not render properly. We've fixed this, so now people can complete public forms with the 'email' meta type even if they aren't logged in. The only catch is it simply won't collect an email, because it can't — SDK has no knowledge of who is filling it out since they aren't logged in. This is perfect for anonymous public surveys. If you always want to always collect the email, just make sure you keep the form private so that only logged in users can submit data.

Other Stuff

  • We also fixed a bug on the projects page where the column sort sorted dates alphabetically instead of by the actual date — now it sorts ascending or descending by the date.

  • If you ever stumble upon a page that doesn't exist, we now notify you in a friendlier way with a funny gif to make you smile. Try it out, check out this page which doesn't exist)!

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