Better error messages when creating a form with XLSForm or XML files.

Secure Data Kit has long supported the popular form authoring techniques XLSForm and XML files. While relatively simple to learn, XLSForm and XML files can be very difficult to troubleshoot if any issues do arise. That's why we worked hard to help you identify any issues in your files when you upload them to Secure Data Kit. SDK takes a look at your files, finds the issue and then tells you exactly what's wrong so you can easily fix the problem without pulling your hair out. Hopefully you won't need this often, but when you do... Secure Data Kit will be by your side!

Oh, and if there's ever an issue you just can't figure out and these messages aren't helping -- click 'Support' in the bottom right corner and let us know what's going on. A member of our Customer Success team will be happy to help. We all need a second pair of eyes sometimes, and we're glad to be yours!
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