24 Sept 2019 - Release Notes

Your projects page is now SUPER FAST!

Lots of work was done 'behind the scenes' to make SDK load faster after you log in. But... how much faster is SUPER FAST? I'm glad you asked, because we've got some numbers! We recruited the help of our most active user, and timed how long it took for them to load their projects page before the optimization. It took a whopping 20,610 milliseconds (that's.... a lot of milliseconds). Then we timed how long it took their projects page to load after the optimization, and we clocked only 1,367 milliseconds. That's 15x faster!

View your project list in new ways.

We heard you loud and clear -- you wanted new ways to view the project list when you log into www.securedatakit.com. Now you can view your project list in two different ways:

  • Card View — This is how it's always been. If you prefer to keep it that way, you can!

  • List View — If you'd rather see your projects displayed in a list, just click the list icon.

Once you've found the view you like the best, SDK will remember it for the next time you log in. So play around, find what works best for you!

Find your project easier, with search and sort.

Search for the project you want by typing its name in the search box to narrow down your list. You can also utilize the sort features when you're in the List view by clicking on the column header to sort by that column. An arrow will appear by the column header to remind you which column you're sorting by, and if it's ascending or descending .
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