18 Dec 2019 - Release Notes

Recently we released a fun update that allows you to view your records by their label rather than their variable name (this means you can read your data in plain English — or whatever language — instead of trying to decipher the variables that the database stores). We noticed a small bug where labels wouldn't display on the records page if the question was nested inside a group, or if the question was a multi-select. In this release we squashed those bugs! (PS — If you don't see the option to view as variable / label on your records page, it's because your project was created before this functionality was supported. Most new projects from this point forward will have this fun feature!)

When you create a new project in SDK, we're now prompting you to let us know what country's you're working in. This will allow us better insight into how SDK is being used so we can continue to improve our tools to work seamlessly wherever you are — even if you're in the middle of a dessert with no cell service or internet to be found!

Last but certainly not least, we made some improvements behind the scenes to improve nightly scripts run effectively. (Scripts can be uploaded to your project allowing you to interact with your data in more ways than ever before — contact us if you'd like this feature activated!)
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